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HTTP/1.0 Web Server


What is TarantulaWEB?
The TarantulaWEB server is an HTTP/1.0 webserver written for EECS122 at Berkeley.  Yeah, so the name is kinda lame... It's not set in stone yet...
Perhaps when it will be offered as shareware by Scritch Productions.
What does it support?
So far, it supports:
  • HTTP/1.0
  • www-authentification
  • SSI
  • Common Logfile

Extra features:

  • SingleThreaded or Multithreaded operation
  • Runs in Windows NT/95/98, Linux, Solaris, and HPUX
  • Optional serverside console, for server info, logfile control, etc.
  • Config file allowing various configuration settings
Cool!  How do I get a copy?
Right here!  Click the link for the version you want. (v1.01)
  • Windows NT/95/98
  • Solaris (x86) [Not yet available]
  • HPUX [Not yet available]
  • Linux (glibc, pthread package req) [Not yet available]


Can I get the source code?
Not anymore... I've moved past the original revision and I'm probably going to release it as shareware.  Anyways it's really old and you're probably not interested anymore.
How about documentation?
This should cover all the questions you have