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. F R I E N D S .

These are some of my friends, some with web pages.  Only the strange have links here.  Hey friends!  If you have a webpage and I didnt' link it, email me and let me know!

What, am I schitzo?  maybe.  no not really.  This is just my blog.  Hiding in the friends section to pretend like I'm somebody else that I know.
Tony Chu
Possibly the person who most can most closely follow my train of thought...
Avis Lai
A wandering soul... currently lingering in NYC getting her architecture masters
Jerome Li
My Drug dealer.  just kidding.  kinda.  He's a pharmacy major, and all around great guy.
Rita Lee
Probably the person who keeps her website more updated than anybody else I know.  And the only person I know on a competitive volleyball team.