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This is supposed to be me... or something like that.  Never was that good at portraits, especially self portraits, but it kinda looks like me... kinda.

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Who is this SCRiTCH guy and why doesn't he have a normal name??
I am Scritch.  Ok, so that doesn't help you any.  My *real* name is Richard Sun.  Why Scritch?  Dunno, why not?   A nickname I picked up from friends many years ago.


So why did you suddenly decide to put a section in about yourself that wasn't there in v1.0?
Well, for several reasons.  First, one of my friends pointed out that even though I get a large number of visitors on my page for various reasons, when you look up "Richard Sun" on Yahoo, you get nothing.  I realized that was kind of lame, so decided to attach this to my name.


Okay, so now that your webpage has degenerated into "just another" personal homepage, why don't you say something about who you are?
I've been a game developer at LEC  for a little over 5 years now, which I started into as soon as I graduated from UC Berkeley. Outside of work, I enjoy lots of stuff, including in no particular order, skiing, snowboarding, driving and cars, tennis, dragon boat, basketball, video games, programming, movies, hangin with friends, toys, art... etc etc etc.


What's with that saying that you have, iNSaNiTy LiES DEeP WiTHiN aLL MiNDs?
Just something I made up one day during high school.  When you think about it, it's true... think about it!