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I like to think that I have some amount of artistic talent above the stereotypical "Programmer Art".  Though by no means the a Picasso or  MC Escher, I enjoy dabbling in various kinds of visual arts.  Here you will find images that represent a subset of stuff I've done, whether for fun, or for classes, or whatever.

Note that these areas are in no way complete... there's tons of stuff lying around everywhere on my computer and in folders and drawers and meeting notepads.



3D Graphics Art

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The various stuff in here were created using a computer and 3D art techniques, be it screen shots from a 3D program I worked with, or 3D Renderings from 3D Graphics packages such as 3D Studio, or 3D Studio Max.  I actually know how to do stuff in Maya and Lightwave more than I do 3DSMax these days, but haven't really had time to dabble on a personal level in those packages.


2D Graphics Art

2dart_s.jpg (7271 bytes)

Images in this area are pictures I created with 2D graphics programs.   This includes programs such as Aldus FreeHand, Adobe Photoshop, or some combination of those.  I have a whole lot of old birthday and other occasion cards that I've done in this way, or combined with some hand drawn stuff


HandDrawn Art

Since I was a kid, I've been unable to resist sketching, particularly in classes and meetings.  This includes pencil and/or pen sketching, and in some cases, color pencilling.  Some of this stuff I did just because I was bored.  In here you will find scans of some of what I *think* are my better drawings, though not particularly recent.

Never got much into painting though.  Too messy. Though I have HAD an easel in my garage from an old roommate for like 3 years now, even though he moved out over 2 years ago.  So that's almost like I painted... wait... no that's not right.