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. Game Projects .

[LEC] Star Wars: Republic Commando (PC / XBox)
A squad-based first person shooter putting you behind the trigger of an elite commando team leader.  Using the Unreal Engine, this game looks and plays great.

My role on this project lied on the multiplayer team, implementing game modes, xbox live, and gamespy connectivity.  I think the multiplayer is pretty fun.

This one isn't out yet, but when it is, I bet you all can't wait to play it.... right?  ...RIGHT?

[LEC] Sam and Max 2 (PC)
If you've even heard of Sam and Max 1, then no doubt you've been wanting Sam and Max 2.  Sadly, this game was cancelled, and so there's not a lot I can tell you about it, except that, in my opinion, this game was going to be just plain awesome.  Beautiful, fun, and funny.  But alas, there isn't a place in the gaming world of today for a game like this these days.

I was a minigame programmer on this one, and I really really enjoyed the freedom of design and ownership of my stuff.  Since the minigames were more or less self contained, and pretty small in scale by themselves, I had primary impact on the prototyping, design, and direction that the games took.

RIP Sam n Max.  I hope to work with you guys again someday if you are ever resurrected and become undead zombie brain eating Dog and Rabbity thingie guys.

[LEC] RTX: RedRock (PS2)

RTX is about a "Radical Tactics Expert" who ends up going to Mars to save the day.  This is of course a drastic over simplification of the plot, but that's ok.  You get the idea.  It's a 3rd person shooter/puzzler/platformer.  Your targets are a variety of aliens called LEDs.

On this project I got to work on a bunch of really cool stuff, including AI and special FX.


[LEC] Escape From Monkey Island (PC / PS2)
This was my first professional game project ever.  And the directors actually let me do some writing.  That was cool.  This is the 4th installment in the Monkey Island series, and the series' first venture into 3D.  One of the first adventure games in 3D.

I wrote a whole bunch of dialog lines, and programmed together a large portion of the game.