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Sam: "Owww!  I bit my tongue, I need first aid!"
Max: "I'm about to throw salt on it if you don't let me go, Sam."

[ canceled ]

 Working on the Game

Sam and Max are two of the most loved characters from "Back in the Day (tm)."  Anybody in my age group and older who has played games for a long time probably knows who they are.  People still come up to me when I'm wearing my "Save Max" shirt asking where in the world they can get one because they HAVE to have one.  

Which is both cool and sad because unfortunately it seems that these types of people are too few to support an endeavor as expensive as a modern video game.

If it had followed to completion, this game would be hands down the best looking adventure game ever made.  The tech was really good, and fans on the net kept thinking the in-game shots were pre-rendered.

My role on the team was to implement mini-games.  Imagine Whack-a-Rat and Car-Bomb in the original game, on crack.  The mini-games were fun, self contained, but relevant and necessary to the game.  For each game I worked on I was the primary driving force for the implementation, prototyping, and subsequent design changes.


Tragically, this game was cancelled, and reviewers don't waste time reviewing cancelled games.  But I encourage you to check this site out as it has everything you'd ever want to know about the game... er, well, short of everything that LEC hasn't released about it.


 Screen Shots
Well, the game is cancelled, so I'm not sure what I can and can't post.  For now, here's a screenshot that's pretty much like what's already out there.  I'll see if I decide I can post other ones in a while.


Look at that office.  So beautifully grungy looking.