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"Dude!  I have a hole in my head!  OOOWW!  Oh wait, no that's just my cool eye piece thing.  Nevermind, false alarm!"

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 Working on the Game

RTX stands for "Radical Tactics Expert."  You play one of these named EZ Wheeler.  In this game, you run around Mars in 3rd person fighting an alien threat, solving puzzles, and discovering the mysterious ancient history of Mars.

Technologically, this was a huge jump from working on Monkey Island.  Thought I loved working on Monkey, it was mainly for the creative aspects.  This game I was much more limited in creativity, but was given vastly more complex systems to engineer.  And I couldn't wait to jump in.

In the end, I figure I did about 2.5 people's worth of work on this project.  I built 90% of the visual FX in the game in addition to *all* of the AI for all the enemies and bosses.

I'm particularly proud of the fire effect I built, because I even created the texture used... it is mine in it's entirety.


I'd love to just point you to a few good reviews... but really, there aren't any.  I'd love to get into why I think that is with anybody who would care to discuss it, but this isn't the right place for that, so I'll just leave you with a few links.
  • Game Rankings
  • Gamespot - "... to their credit, the enemies in the game are pretty good about taking cover when coming under fire." (Giancarlo Varanini, Gamespot, 6.18.2003)


 Screen Shots


Yeah!  Look at my boys go!  Shoot him!  (They're purposely missing to scare him).  *snif* I'm so proud they're all grown up and ducking on their own.


These guys talk with blinkie lights.  They're just chillin on the job, totally not noticing that I just snuck by.  SUCKERS!


My electricity effects, which look cool when you see it moving really fast.
"Aaaugh!  My head is full of metal!  This hurts!!  Wait... hey I think it cured my migraine!"



Well, since I like it so much, I had to have some fire in here.  Like most effects, it looks better when moving, but oh well.  This is a screenshot from my effects test room.
*grunt*  Scritch make fire.  *rar!*