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See that one monkey hanging there?  He's just a taste of the huge amount of monkey goodness hiding in the box.  MONKEYS!!!!

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 Working on the Game
This was my first professional game project ever.  And the directors actually let me do some writing.  That was cool.  This is the 4th installment in the Monkey Island series, and the series' first venture into 3D.

Starting from the engine used for Grim Fandango, the team revamped the entire rendering system.  My job was to be content programmer, mostly in Lua.  I would end up being the primary owner and architect for the script side systems used throughout the game, in addition to creating and programming a large portion of the game.

Let me tell you, the first time you write a funny dialog line and you get to hear the line delivered by a professional voice actor is very cool, but weird.  Even weirder when they deliver it in a way you didn't expect and it ends up being even funnier!

This project was thus far one of the coolest things I've ever been involved in, and allowed me to learn and improve a vast number of different skills outside of programming, including 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and creative writing.

After finishing the PC version, I was also involved heavily in porting it to the PS2.  In fact, I was the first person in the building to ever figure out how to burn a PS2 DVD.  And no, it wasn't that trivial as it turns out.  Sweet.


We actually managed to snag a couple of awards with this game when we were done.  Though we had the title stolen from us at GDC that year by Deus Ex.  Now don't get me wrong, I do think that game is great and deserves some awards... I just don't think that it belonged in the "Best Adventure Game" category. But hey, life goes on.
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  • GameSpot UK posted an article called "Games of the Year 2000" and Escape from Monkey Island won as "Adventure Game of the Year"  [sorry this link is gone as it seems GameSpot UK is no longer separate from GameSpy]


 Screen Shots


Mmmm... sushi.  That guy doesn't look too thrilled though, I wonder why.


Mmmm.  Water.  This effect was fun to build.  There are a whole bunch of square polygons w/ animating textures on them moving up and down.  It turned out great.  If you haven't seen it... better go look... NOW!!!!


What is this?  This is the easter egg i thought up and stuck in.  It's called "MurrayBall."  Yep, it's like pong, except you're using bananas for paddles, and Murray the Talking Skull is the ball.  People who caught me developing it loved it so much a couple of them added extra features.