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You see that guy up front?  Yeah.  He's gonna bring his Republic homies back there and mess you up good.

[ official website ]

 Working on the Game
A squad-based first person shooter putting you behind the trigger of an elite commando team leader.  Using the Unreal Engine, this game looks and plays great.

I came onto this project a bit later in the cycle, as I rolled off of the cancelled Sam & Max project.  Here I found myself responsible for the Xbox Live connectivity, features (ie friends lists, invites, game searching), and the related menus primarily.  However, the most interesting stuff was related to working with the actual game modes that I enhanced and added. 

This is where I've learned everything I know about Unreal Engine.  Replication is kinda funky and kinda cool at the same time.  I wonder how they thought of that.


Well, since the game isn't out yet, there's nothing much to say here.  I'll just leave you with a link to the GameRankings.com site so you can take your pick of previews.


 Screen Shots
Not too many screenshots available of the multiplayer game at the moment.  But I've picked a couple that look like they could be from multiplayer. Multiplayer revolves around battling between the Republic Commandoes vs Trandoshan Mercs, and that's what you can see in these shots.


KaBOOOM!  Suckas!


Ouch.  Right in the gut