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SLIDE - Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments
SLIDE is a rendering system created for educational use by the Berkeley graphics dept useing OpenGL, C++, and TCL/TK.  I am currently working on this as an undergraduate research project.
TarantulaWEB server - HTTP/1.0 web server
The TarantulaWEB server is an HTTP/1.0 webserver written for EECS122 at Berkeley.  Perhaps when it is finished it will be offered as shareware by Scritch Productions.
NavalWars! - Windows naval warfare game
NavalWars! is a version of the old game, BattleShip.  Except in this case, many new rules exist, including moving ships,  cannons and torpedoes, mines, radar ranges, etc.
This is a Windows MFC based game written for CS169 at Berkeley.
Phone# WordMaker - Make words out of a 7-digit phone #
Something I wrote when first learning Java.  Basically, you punch in your phone number via a keypad, and it spews at you all the permutations of words you can make.
Back in the Day
Once upon a time, I was a student at UC Berkeley.  Seems like ancient history... but even ancient history has its place.  Back then, this page looked a little different, reproduced here for completeness.