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Copyright 1999 Scritch Productions

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A Naval Warfare Game

What is NavalWars?
NavalWars! is a version of the old game, BattleShip.  Except in this case, many new rules exist, including moving ships,  cannons and torpedoes, mines, radar ranges, etc.
This is a Windows MFC based game written for CS169 at Berkeley.
Copyright 1999 QSI  [QuickSoft Interactive]
(this was our group's "company" name)
Coooool... where can I get it?
Right here!  There are two packages available, one with necessary MFC dll's, and one without (Currently these are debug versions, w/ symbols, sorry. They also might have trouble running on newer versions of Windows)
Wow, sounds complicated... Is there more complete documentation?
Documentation you ask?  My GOSH we have lots of documentation.   One of our docs for the class was ~60 pages!  But I've only made the users manual available.   A zipped version of the manual is also available.
What's it look like??
Well, here's a screenshot of the main game window.  Note that I shrunk the gameplay window to make it fit on the page better.
[click for a larger image]
gameplay_small.jpg (32826 bytes)