[ Richard Sun ]

     Game programmer


4040 Coleman Cir                                                                                                                    Phone #:(510) 758-7413

Richmond, CA 94806                                                                                                               Cell # (510) 386-1771

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. Objective .

Excel as a primary contributor to the programming and design efforts on AAA game titles.


. Career Experience .  (5+ years game programming experience)

   LucasArts Entertainment LLC   [ 6/99 - present ]
Programmer, 3 shipped game SKUs on 3 platforms, 1 SKU nearing completion, and 1 cancelled project:

Star Wars: Republic Commando (Windows PC & Xbox, slated completion Nov 2004)

    Multiplayer programmer.  C++, UnrealScript

·         Integrated XBox Live menus and functionality. 

·         Integrated GameSpy Arcade and CDKey subsystems.

·         Implemented and maintained multiplayer game modes, gameplay mechanics, network code, and profiles systems.

·         Acted as point person for all multiplayer data handling and server management for MP game sessions.

Sam & Max: Freelance Police (Windows PC, cancelled 2004)

    Gameplay programmer.  Lua, C++

·         Implemented minigames, including coding, integrating art and sound assets, prototyping, and collaborating with the team on each design.

·         Contributed to overall game design, tuning, and creative writing throughout the game.

·         Improved and augmented core subsystems (physics and input) to support the minigames.

RTX: Red Rock (PS2, 2003)

    Engine programmer.  C++

·         Implemented Visual FX systems.  Wrote high and mid level implementation of all special visual FX in the game.  This included a particle system (sparks, steam, explosions, fire, electricity, etc), laser bolts, character FX (teleporting, alien death, etc), and the water simulation.

·         Implemented all AI behavior, including all types of alien soldiers, spacecraft, and bosses.  This included path finding, path following, and reaction to game situations.

·         “… to their credit, the enemies in the game are pretty good about taking cover when coming under fire.” (Gamespot review 6.18.2003)

·         Took on additional responsibility from other team members to help finish tuning dynamic loading logic.

Escape from Monkey Island (Windows PC, 2000)

    Game programmer.  Lua, C++

·         Implemented all aspects of gameplay for 50% of the game.  This included NPC behavior, environment interactivity, walkbox placement, background layering for 3D occlusion in a 2D background, any necessary visual FX per room, and puzzle programming. 

·         Wrote parts of the dialog script, collaborated on the design of puzzles and behavior, built minor pieces of art, and contributed to several game engine subsystems.

·         Implemented Inventory, sentence line, game menu, and other game subsystems.

Escape from Monkey Island (PS2, 2001)

    Game porting.  Lua, C++

·         Hugely reduced the memory footprint of the script environment from the original PC implementation (legacy issue from Grim Fandango’s usage of Lua). 

·         Redeveloped menu and input systems for PS2 compatibility and Sony PS2 TRC. 

·         Acted as release engineer for 5 language SKUs in DVD format.


   UC Berkeley, CS Graphics dept., research   [ 8/98 - 5/99 ]

SLIDE (Win32, IRIX, HP-UX, 1999)

Undergraduate researcher

·         Collaborated in development of a script controlled rendering and animation engine for use in Berkeley undergraduate graphics course.

·         Implemented support for procedural geometry generation and multiple viewports and windows/displays in XWindows.

·         Ported to multiple platforms (NT, Unix)

·         http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~ug/slide/


. Degree .

Bachelor of Arts

UC Berkeley

Major in Computer Science.

Graduated with a 3.7 GPA in major.


. Skills .

    Programming Languages / APIs:

C, C++, UnrealScript, Lua, OpenGL, Perl, HTML, Win32, Java, MIPS asm, Lisp, TCL/TK, UNIX shell scripting


            Cross-platform development experience on Windows, Xbox and PS2


    Development tools:

Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6, Visual Source Safe, NxN AlienBrain, Perforce, Purify, Eclearcase/clearcase, Borland C++, UNiX make/gcc, MS Visual Basic, MetroWerks CodeWarrior, Codewarrior Analysis Tools

    Game Related Tools:

Photoshop, Maya modeling, texturing & animation, Lightwave modeling, texturing & animation

    OS familiarity:

            All flavors of Windows, most flavors of Unix, and MacOS