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Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments


What is SLIDE?
SLIDE is a rendering system created for educational use by the Berkeley graphics dept useing OpenGL, C++, and TCL/TK.  It was formerly known as GLIDE, but was forced to change due to a legal conflict with 3Dfx's graphics library API of the same name.
I am currently working on this as an undergraduate research project.
Where can I learn more, and get a copy?
The official SLIDE webpage is at http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~ug/slide/.   Although currently it hasn't been packaged well enough to be widely and easily distributed.
So what did YOU do on this project??
There are several things I accomplished for this project so far:
  • Added multiple-display rendering in XWindows (ie windows can be popped-up on machines other than the local one)
  • Ported it to Windows NT/95
  • Added procedural geometry/object/etc generation support within the file, via TCL/TK preprocessing
  • That nifty SLIDE logo seen above

That is aside from the fact that I worked on almost every aspect of the rendering system in my CS184 class a year or two ago.

So what can this sucker do?   Show me some screenshots!
For a pretty good example of a SLIDE scene, take a look at my ScorpiEye final project from CS184.  You need to get the SLIDE renderer from the aforementioned page(s) in order to use this.   Once you get it, open up "world.slf" and it will start up.
Screen shots can be found in the Art Gallery:3D Graphics section of my website.