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3D Graphics page 3

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Our final project in CS184 in UC Berkeley was a 2 part project.  The first part was to create a dynamic scene using SLIDE (see SLIDE).  Below are several screen shots from the program running ScorpiEye on an SGI machine.  Click on them for a larger version.

scorp1s.jpg (13593 bytes)scorp2s.jpg (11064 bytes)
scorp3s.jpg (10989 bytes)scorp4s.jpg (10226 bytes)
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The second part of the project was to create a rendered still scene.  Originally the class was supposed to use BMRT, a Renderman-based photorealistic renderer.   However, we opted to render in 3DStudio Max R2.  Below is the result.   Again, click on the image to get a nice big 1024x768 version.
scorpscn_s.jpg (26967 bytes)