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2D Graphics page 3

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fartman1.gif (5372 bytes)
I know what you're thinking... "Fartman?! What the hell?!"

Back in the day, when I had much more time to dabble in things of pure interest, I made animated birthday "cards" for my friends.  This was one of them.  My old friend Lawrence used to have a sort of infamy when it came to gaseous releasals, so I did this for his birthday one year.  Keep in mind that I was a sophomore in high school at the time, and crudeness was an art.  That is also why the animation is in such low resolution.   I used Autodesk Animator Pro, which is a DOS program, and basically ran in 320x480 resolution.  Wow... oldschool!

You can get a zipped AVI or a zipped FLI (playable by the Quicktime 3.0 player) instead of trying to piece together what is happening from the stills below...

fartman2.gif (5199 bytes)
Able to leap tall buildings in a single... fart?

fartman3.gif (20146 bytes)
falling down on the other side of the building

fartman4.gif (16234 bytes)
Utoh.. the evil antagonist trying to destroy the superhuman
that IS Fartman!

fartman5.gif (4208 bytes) The power of Fartman's gas catches the enemy's bullets and propels them back to their owner.

fartman7.gif (5515 bytes)
Oouch!  Game over for the bad guy!

These stills don't do justice to this at all.  If you want to see it in full motion video, download the video files above!